Back To Our Roots: Seven Tastes of Italy’s Culinary Triumphs Throughout the Americas

Across North and South America are seven pockets of Italy’s rich culinary history. They are PreGel’s Professional Training Centers, and they share a compelling story of Italy and Europe’s most revered ingredients and desser ts. Each one is unique to its location yet all carry the same motto – “blending your passion with our education.”

The need for Training Centers was first recognized by Dr. Luciano Rabboni, founder of PreGel, and PreGel AMERICA Chief Executive Officer Marco Casol. Together, they had a vision of globally raising the bar on high-quality desserts and educating the public on authentic, artisanal Italian desserts.

The first Training Center facility opened in the United States in 2008. Following its huge success, more facilities were born. Over the years, Rabboni and Casol’s vision was met; its subsidiaries have grown exponentially, now spanning two continents

and offering state-of-the-art training facilities well- equipped to fuel the passion of dessertpreneurs everywhere. The company’s seven Professional Training Centers are located in: Charlotte, North Carolina; Los Angeles, California; Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver, British Columbia; Zapopan, Jalisco; Colonia, Uruguay; and Campinas, São Paulo.

Each Training Center features a classroom for lecture purposes in addition to technical training stations and a full spectrum of equipment from gelato batch freezers to display cases. At any given moment in the seven training facilities, the sound of blenders and batch freezers can be heard from within. Each location is run by a culinary professional who specializes in desserts, recipe development, leadership and instructing.The knowledge imparted to the attendees, followed by continuous support from the expert training staff, is a staple of the company’s Training Centers.

PreGel’s classes are designed for beginners and experienced students seeking an education in gelato, soft serve, pastry and specialty frozen dessert classes.The types of classes offered include the fundamentals of gelato and sorbetto, advanced gelato and sorbetto, frozen pops and novelties, frozen cakes and pies, the basics of soft serve, sweet verrines and sweet macarons.* The curriculums for all classes include both hands-on instruction and classroom learning from theory to business planning and marketing strategies. PreGel works with credible culinary organizations that offer certifications for the classes. PreGel believes that education should not come at a high cost, so classes are offered with an affordable price tag, ideal for anyone who is passionate about their dreams in the dessert industry.

Each Training Center promises that students will leave its facilities with a wide range of knowledge, confidence and continued support from PreGel.Teaching the art of European desserts is PreGel’s passion; fuel yours by tasting your way through Italy one class at a time.