Tree Talk: PreGel Presents Premium Pastry Line

Pastry Line

Pastry Line5-Star Chef Pastry Select line features products uniquely created for pastry chefs in both formula and packaging

A new product brand called the 5-Star Chef Pastry Select is PreGel’s latest endeavor to cater directly to pastry chefs around the world. The brand features a line of pastry products with new formulas specially tested and approved by pastry chefs, and packaged specific to their needs.

While PreGel has been providing ingredients for the specialty dessert industry for many years, it is the first time the company is narrowing in on the pastry sector by creating a brand that caters directly to it. And to accomplish this feat, the company is meticulously picking the best and highest sought-after products. In April, the brand launched. Featured products include:

• Torrone (Nougat) Traditional Paste
• Vanilla Compound
• Strawberry Compound
• Cinnamon Compound
• Champagne Compound
• Pear Compound
• Coffee Compound
• Pastry Cream

The company will be adding to the 5-Star Chef Pastry Select brand throughout 2010 and beyond, but will maintain a select list of products to ensure that pastry professionals are getting the exact formulas they need year-round. The line also features a distinct packaging that separates the brand from the company’s standard product packaging. The new packaging was created so that smaller quantities could be sold to pastry chefs and to achieve optimal storage.

“We work very closely with a lot of pastry chefs in the industry, and as avid researchers of our craft, we always ask them what we can do for them,” said Marco Casol, president and CEO, PreGel AMERICA. “The answer is always the same: good, shelf-stable, flavorful and efficient products.”

The 5-Star Chef Pastry Select brand is a part of the company’s overall Pastry Select line which includes new and existing PreGel products. PreGel’s Pastry Select line includes a wide-range of pastry products from intense flavorings to novelty mousses, as well as cutting-edge stabilizers and egg products. The entire line represents a group of premium dessert products that offer smart and unique solutions in today’s competitive dessert market.

“I have been working with PreGel and using their ingredients for many years, and I am continuously impressed with the caliber of product they supply,” said Frederic Monti, corporate pastry chef of PreGel. “It is very exciting to be a part of the development process for the new 5-Star Chef Pastry Select brand and provide products based on the ongoing needs of chefs in our industry.”

PreGel’s 5-Star Chef Pastry Select line is also unique because unlike other product lines the company does not sell the products direct.

“The large majority of pastry professionals we work with are required to order their products through approved distributors; therefore, we have set-up networks across the U.S. with key distributors to make it easy for our customers in select areas,” said Casol. “While we always prefer to sell direct, we have to adapt to the different industries we work in, and this is a clear example of that.”

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