Tree Talk: Tenero, A Concept Redefining Soft Serve


TeneroTenero is the next generation of soft serve products reinventing the frozen dessert experience for both consumers and operators across the United States. Encompassing both ready-to-use and more customizable products and recipes for frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbetto and ice cream, Tenero is a new, healthy and gourmet solution to the time-treasured classic of soft serve.

The concept of Tenero was developed by PreGel AMERICA. After years of working with different customers and surveying the market, PreGel found a need to evolve the existing soft serve options into a new class of frozen desserts that could provide a greater variety, simplicity and profitability to businesses.

The variety of products and flavors for Tenero are as exciting as they are healthy. Options such as dairy-free, kosher, low-calorie and sugar-free allow for foodservice operators to accommodate specific health needs, while traditional to extreme and trendy flavors such as pomegranate and cheesecake entice a number of palates.

But perhaps the most compelling part of Tenero is that it promises a return on investment – which in our recent economy, and for a foodservice operator, is easier said than done. The unique line of products requires only a soft serve machine and has low overhead due to the simplicity of the product preparation. According to PreGel, the average cost per 4 ounces of Tenero soft serve product is $0.28, and the standard minimum retail price is $1.52 with no toppings, resulting in a very low food cost of 19%.

Soft serve is already a hit in the U.S. and is showing businesses how they can utilize the demand to their advantage and bring something even better to the table. As always, healthy, new twists on traditional desserts is a big trend, and Tenero is just that for the soft serve world.