Tree Talk: From Master Chocolatier to World Champion MOF, 2010 5-Star Chef Series Continues to Wow

Jean Pierre Wybauw
Jean Pierre Wybauw

Jean Pierre Wybauw, Master Chocolatier

The PreGel Training Center kicked off the 2010 5-Star Chef Series with amazing talent in February. True forces in the industry, Master Chocolatier Jean-Pierre Wybauw and MOF Olivier Bajard led dynamic 5-Star Chef Series seminars on the Art of Chocolates and Bonbons, and Techniques for Entremets and Tarts.

“It was a pleasure to refine my skills while working with chocolate. The 5-Star Chef Series is a remarkable experience with the finest chefs in the industry,” said Joshua Cain, executive pastry chef, Ritz Carlton, Charlotte, NC.

Chef Wybauw presented a captivating lecture on crystallization of chocolate and outlined the different and unique ways to temper chocolate. Chef Wybauw also discussed the shelf life of chocolate, highlighting the variables that cause chocolate to lose its color, shine and snap quality. Having completed the lecture portion of the class, the students then got to put Chef Wybauw’s master chocolate teachings into practice.

Chef Bajard commenced his class by defining the essential components of cakes and entremets. In his soft-spoken and absolute manner, Chef Bajard discussed the importance of texture, flavor, aroma, sweetness, acidity and visual appearance. Upon completing the lecture portion of the course, the students then went to work in teams of two. Under very precise guidance by Chef Bajard, each team demonstrated to the class a separate component of seven of Bajard’s personal entremet and tart recipes. Carefully following Chef Bajard’s particular training style, the class built an impressive collection of cakes and macaroons. The end result showcased entremets of brilliant colors, pristine structure and exquisite flavor combinations.

Recipes from both classes can be found at

Attendees of the seminars come from across the U.S. and even as far as Nicaragua. Representatives from various hotels, businesses and schools such as The Chef’s Academy, the Ritz Carlton, Park Hyatt Chicago and many other places all attended to sharpen their skills.

“Thank you, PreGel, for opening your doors for the 5-Star Chefs. Very challenging program – an unforgettable experience…” said Maria Lourdes Sandino, pastry chef and manager, Delikatessen La Granja (Managua, Nicaragua).

Creating successful seminars, once again the 5-Star Chef Series proves the worth of having high-level continuing education classes available for eager pastry chefs looking to perfect their skills. Visit to learn all about the series.