Gelotti: A Passion Fulfilled


Gelotti’s of New Jersey is a stellar example of passion for frozen desserts realized. The enthusiasm felt by the human engine of this three-location establishment is authentically contagious. A true appreciation for ice cream, gelato, and serving their communities through love of the culinary craft and innovation the Gelotti family practices on a daily basis is evident. Below, ice cream and gelato aficionado Sal Sigona, Founder of Gelotti, shares his stories of why this culinary art form is so important to him as an individual first, and a businessmen second; what his dreams are in terms of how to continue to please Gelotti’s loyal consumer base, and what he looks to contribute to the future of America’s and Europe’s most beloved treats.

Janae Morris (JM): What’s your gelato backstory? How/when were you first introduced to gelato?

Sal Sigona (SS): In the late 80’s traveling to Italy frequently piqued my interest in any and all gelato products. The texture wasn’t heavy, it was smooth, light, and the tremendous burst of flavor blew me away.

(JM): When did you decide you wanted to open a gelateria?

(SS): Gelato was an addition to my already running ice cream store, Village Farms in Clifton.

(JM):  What kind of flavor innovation do you aim to bring to your customer base?

(SS): Exotic fruit flavors, and product lines like vegan and sugar free to keep up with the increasing allergies prevalent in children around the world.

(JM): How do you feel about being part of the voice that continues to introduce gelato and educate Americans about this European treat?

(SS): My son Robert is a huge advocate for spreading the word on the difference and benefits behind gelato vs. ice cream. Not only is he a spitting image of me, but he carries out my passions to the customers I have been serving for over 30 years.

(JM): What brings you the most fulfillment about serving gelato on a daily basis? What are the moments that stand out most?

(SS): Putting smiles on people’s faces; watching their family enjoy looking at our huge selection while indulging in such amazing products.

(JM): What do you want Gelotti’s legacy to be?

(SS): More stores, more products, more smiles.

(JM):  If there’s any piece of business advice you could offer to up-and- coming dessertpreneurs, what would it be?

(SS): Stick with what you love. If your passion is gelato or desserts, follow your dreams. Investigate, research, listen, and learn from all experienced sources. The people know the best!

2 Union Ave
Paterson, NJ 07502