Tree Talk: PreGel Launches New ServIce® Line

ServIce Container Line

PreGel AMERICA recently launched ServIce®, a line of custom-designed paper and plastic products to meet all types of supply needs. Each product is made with the highest standards of quality. All of the products are FDA-approved and created using environment-friendly materials and processes.

In Italy, gelato is traditionally served in a cone or paper cup. For serving gelato or ice cream, PreGel AMERICA offers several cup designs. The Zoldana cup is made of a reinforced paper that keeps its shape and does not become saturated. The line includes five different sizes that can be used for gelato, ice cream, frozen yogurt and other frozen desserts. This fall, PreGel AMERICA will introduce the Formafina cup. A ServIce® exclusive, the Formafina cup is an injection-molded plastic line with a modern twist on the traditional gelato cup. A frosted design and a twisted structure make the cups easy to hold and the bold colors are eye-catching. This cup is available in three different sizes; the lids are one-size-fits-all and convenient to keepon hand for customers wanting to enjoy their gelato on the go. Both the Zoldana and Formafina cups are produced exclusively in the United States. For a limited time, PreGel AMERICA will also continue to sell its Ondulina cups and Soft cups through the ServIce® Line.

ServIce Container Line

Additional items available through the ServIce® Line are colored spoons, spatulas and spatulart, pan liners and lids, to-go containers, flavor markers, posters and counter holders. The pan liners are available in narrow 5-liter liners and the lids are available as flat or dome lids, making cleanup, storage and transportation effortless. For customers who want to enjoy gelato or ice cream at home, the small and large to-go containers are great ways to keep the products cold for up to 30 minutes. In addition to these storage options, the ServIce® Line offers many valuable tools for business. The spatulas are functional and make serving gelato and ice cream simple, and the spatulart can be used to create artistic features in the gelato. Flavor markers are available for individual flavors or as a set. There are even blank flavor markers for creations of your own. Counter holders are available to display and hold spoons, cups or cones.

PreGel will also launch its apparel line, ServIce Moda® this fall. Included in this line will be modern yet practical apparel, designed by PreGel and created especially for its customers.

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