Berry Healthy: What is BENEO™?


Products enriched with BENEO™ are popping up everywhere, but what is BENEO™? In the most specific terms, BENEO™ is a prebiotic, scientifically known as insulin and oligofructose (which are both sugars), that is found in various vegetables. The simplest consumer definition is that it is a vegetable product that aides in digestive health. BENEO™ can be found in a number of vegetables; however, the makers of BENEO™ extract their product from the chicory root, which contains a high amount of BENEO™. BENEO’s™ health benefits are why this product is becoming a huge demand in the marketplace.


BENEO™ and Its Benefits

According to the BENEO™ resources, the product stimulates good digestive bacteria, allows for optimal intestinal function and increases calcium absorption –
all functions that directly impact the wellness of the digestive tract. BENEO™ serves as a natural defense to promote the balance of good bacteria (also known
as bifidobacteria) over the bad. By promoting the good bacteria, BENEO™ aids intestinal metabolism and intestinal transit, which allows for regular bowel movements.
BENEO™ also increases the amount of calcium absorbed into the body by almost 20 percent. The extra boost of calcium in the body allows for stronger bones and can be attributed to helping fight off diseases, such as osteoporosis.

Additionally, scientific research shows that oligofructose in BENEO™ can act as a trigger to limit hunger feelings and regulate energy intake. This scientific breakthrough is set to have major implications for the food industry, assisting in the development of products that cannot only claim low fat and low sugar but also satiety – an induced feeling of fullness that can in turn manage body weight. And because the sugars in BENEO™ are not digestible by the stomach, it also has low caloric value, which is why the product itself is great for children, those with diabetes and pregnant women.

With these benefits, it would seem there’s a catch; foods high in fiber or substitutes tend to taste grainy. But BENEO™ has no effect on taste, making it an easy addition for any food product. The makers of BENEO™ boast that there are absolutely no adverse effects
of the product.

PreGel and BENEO™

The market has certainly begun to take notice of this product with all its rich benefits, and PreGel AMERICA is no exception. PreGel has been designated as the worldwide sole agent for BENEO™ in the channel of artisan gelato and has had much success with the product as a key component in its Wellness Line. From green tea to wild strawberry, it’s hard to argue with this line that not only contains BENEO™, but also Splenda®, with whom
PreGel also has an exclusive agreement.

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