From the Top of the Tree

Marco Casol

Marco Casol
Launching Views from the Tree is a goal I have had from the day Dr. Luciano Rabboni, founder of PreGel S.p.A., asked me to head and open our North American office. Reaching this goal is truly a culmination of where PreGel AMERICA is today and how far we’ve come. When PreGel AMERICA opened its headquarters in North Carolina, it brought with it over 40 years of experience and history, and a new passion for the U.S. market. Since opening our doors in 2002, the growth of our company and industry in the U.S. has been tremendous, and we are very optimistic about the potential the future brings.

As a leader in this small but growing industry, we immediately recognized the increasing need to provide resources for customers, the industry and consumers as a whole. Fulfilling this need has and continues to be at the forefront of our operations. While we continue to be the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality ingredients for gelato and specialty desserts, we are also very committed to educating and providing unparalleled service. From Introductory, Advanced, Master and Special training classes offered at our state-of-the-art facility to our user-friendly, informative Web site and dedicated Sales and Special Service Team, our bank of resources is growing every day so that we can better assist those who depend on us.

Views from the Tree is yet another resource that we are excited to extend exclusively to our customers. Distributed quarterly, you will find our magazine is uniquely put together using our company’s symbol, the Oak tree, as the muse for the magazine’s design and presentation. Our magazine’s editorial offers readers a little bit of everything, including features offering advice on starting a new business or how to continue the success of an already established business, and articles to help further your knowledge in all aspects of the industry.

In each issue, we will feature departments such as “Tree Talk,” which will cover the quarterly updates on news and trends and HR advice, and “Branching Out,” which will highlight unique recipes and new applications of our products. Every issue will also feature a new gelato recipe for your stores at the beginning of the magazine and my column, “From the Top of the Tree,” as my desire is to be able to communicate more directly with the PreGel Family – our employees, customers, partners and friends.

I hope you enjoy the inaugural issue of Views from the Tree. For me, this is a new and challenging experience, and one that I feel will serve as an additional committed effort on our part to advance your growth. We acknowledge that the future holds many challenges for PreGel AMERICA as a supplier, a partner and certainly as a publisher. For this reason, we encourage you to communicate any ideas or suggestions for improvement that you may have. We are willing and eager to learn because we recognize that passion is the key to fulfilling goals and responsibilities.

Until next time, buon lavoro e buona fortuna!