Tree Talk: Top Gelato Flavors

Top Gelato Flavors

Palate satisfaction is the targeted goal of any consumer on the hunt for the cure of the sweet tooth. Recently, veteran and amateur gelato and sorbetto connoisseurs have made it ravenously clear that five of PreGel’s satisfying array of flavors have proven most effective in fulfilling the sweet tooth’s desire.

Leading the countdown of PreGel’s five mouthwatering flavors is Cacaopat, otherwise known as chocolate without the sugar. Cacaopat has a smooth, full taste of rich chocolate, which satisfies the most adventurous to the most basic of palates.

Fourth on the list of best sellers is Pistachio Sicilia. Consumers attribute the impressive popularity of this paste to its distinctly pure pistachio flavor and smooth, velvety texture. When garnished with fresh pistachios, Pistachio Sicilia is an authentic Italian frozen treat.
The third on the list is PreGel’s Strawberry Fortefrutto®. This craved flavor has proven to offer consumers a refreshing treat that highlights the tasteof strawberries.

Top Gelato Flavors
PreGel’s Orange Fortefrutto®, which fills the number two position on the list, offers the sweet, refreshing tang of an orange. The explosion of frozen yogurt is rapidly making its mark in major American cities, and because of this,PreGel’s Yoggi 30® has effortlessly demanded the number one flavor position.

PreGel’s Yoggi 30® is a flavor recognized worldwide and is responsible for the sweet, yet tart, yogurt flavor cravings Americans are having on a daily basis. Prepared in the form of soft serve or gelato, the options for serving this treat are endless. Popular yogurt chains offer various berry toppings such as fruit and popular cereals.

Will Yoggi 30® continue to reign supreme amongst the many desirable flavors PreGel offers? Only time will tell. In the meantime…mangia!

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