Branching Out: Here Comes the Semifreddo


With the 2008 wedding season coming to an end, 2009 brides are beginning to brainstorm ideas to make their wedding day unique and special.

Though much consideration is normally given to which specialty entrée of steak, chicken or fish will be served, dessert is usually a traditional wedding cake with some miscellaneous fruit-flavored filling; however, an authentic, Italian semifreddo is a creative dessert alternative.


Semifreddo is Italian for “half cold” and is considered a frozen dessert similar to ice cream cakes. It does not require an ice cream machine to prepare and keeps well in the freezer. The key is just taking it out in advance so it’s not too cold and is easy to serve. Another great advantage of semifreddo is that it can be flavored with a variety of ingredients suited to individual taste, such as chocolate or strawberry. The beauty of creating a semifreddo is that it can be prepared days in advance of the special occasion, which gives the chef plenty of time to perfect its visual appearance.

Semifreddo can be made using small individual molds for single portions or created using a larger mold such as that used for a groom’s cake. If using a large mold, you need to slice the semifreddo before serving for beautiful slices.

Whether going for the nontraditional cake or looking for new complements to the main wedding cake, semifreddo is a great idea for the dessert table, especially in the hot summer months that make up the “wedding season.”