HR Corner: Helping Employees Fight Increased Gas and Food Costs

HR Corner

Helping Employees Fight Increased Gas and Food Costs

HR Corner

Fall is synonymous with fun outings and back to school, but more recently, it has also become a season known for high gas prices and an increase in food costs – two items that can dramatically affect individual finances and morale, and initiate transportation issues.

As a way to show concern for employees’ situations and an appreciation of their hard work and dedication to your business, offer gas- and food-inspired rewards. Implement a weekly or monthly drawing with a chance to win gas cards or gift cards to a few local supermarkets for employees who have gone above and beyond. Of course, the amount of money that you place on the reward is at your company’s discretion; but with no end to the increased gas and grocery costs in sight, any relief is helpful.

Another way to help employees fight rising food costs is to offer team-building activities and rewards that follow a food theme. Treat employees to a luncheon or dinner. While some companies may argue it’s a cost to their bottom line, there are low-cost alternatives – such as having the executives bring in homemade potluck items. Another idea is to initiate a contest that will honor the most outstanding department that consistently displays the best attendance, highest sales goals, timeliness, highest rate of customer satisfaction, etc., and provide a freshly prepared meal on- or offsite.

Regardless of what your company implements, your concern for your employees’ basic life necessities such as gas and food will only encourage their desire to be the best employee for the best employer.