“Fill in the Blank” to Obtain Your Milestone Moments

“This year I want to (fill in the blank).” When the New Year of 2017 came to reality, many people around the world began “filling in the blank” with their desires, hopes, dreams, and optimistic wishes – in other words, their goals. But every goal, large and small is accompanied by a challenging journey to obtain the intended outcome. However, if we don’t maintain our integrity and continue to move forward through the adversities that will abound, we compromise the possibility of realizing one goal turning into another, and another, and so on until we achieve the reward of experiencing milestone events such as opening a business or celebrating a golden anniversary.

This year, PreGel celebrates its 50th anniversary together with you, and it all began with a single goal.

In 1967, Dr. Luciano Rabboni “filled in the blank” with his intention to help struggling gelato makers in a war-torn Europe make fresh, artisan gelato with enhanced flavor and a longer shelf life. Because of his steadfast dedication to this vision, Dr. Rabboni was triumphant in creating PreGel Orange Fortefrutto®, the company’s first semi-finished flavor paste for producing gelato or sorbetto. This success was the first in a series of milestone moments to follow.

Keep in mind, the celebration of a 50th anniversary is indeed a great achievement; however, it initially took an entire community to help construct the foundation that would cultivate PreGel’s ever-growing legacy, beginning with Dr. Rabboni’s wife, Elena a tireless resource of support and encouragement who championed her husband’s pioneering vision for pre gelato ingredients (hence the name PreGel).

Elena’s optimistic energy combined with the countless gelato makers around Europe and surrounding countries commended this newfound innovation, helping to elevate a regionally known business into a worldwide network of over twenty subsidiaries built on the same premise as Dr. Rabboni’s initial goal – to provide passionate chefs the tools and ingredients they need to realize their culinary visions.

Undoubtedly, cultivating a single goal into another, and another before achieving a milestone moment is no easy task. Nevertheless, challenges are part of business and life, therefore we have to be strong enough to face and accept them. But the fight doesn’t end there. Sometimes a bit of imagination is needed.

As my grandfather once told me, “Imagine, just imagine yourself up there.” These words of encouragement referenced my desire to reach the peak of a mountain that we climbed together several times, but never quite made it to the top. I remember this advice, and continue to imagine myself at the peak of this mountain. Imagining myself there – “filling in the blank” of reaching the mountaintop – enriches my will to try again, and reasserts my confidence that it will actually happen. You see, belief in what you imagine is part of making a desire real.

This year PreGel reached another milestone in celebrating 50 years together with you, our valued business partners. We are excited to share this momentous success, and look forward to a continued fruitful partnership that allows us to help you “fill in the blank” toward  all of your business goals.