What We are Loving: A look at the hottest products at PreGel

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Five Star Chef Pannacrema Pastry Compounds It’s May, so you know what that means…the beginning of the graduation/wedding season. And, of course, Mother’s and Father’s Day. In light of all these celebrations, it’s time to bake! So there’s no question why PreGel is loving new Five Star Chef Pannacrema Pastry Compounds. These top-quality, low-dosage, and… Read more »

Pastry: The Benefits of Offering Gluten-Free Pastries

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A few years ago, gluten-free products were virtually unheard of except in specialty health food stores. Nowadays, products labeled with the term “gluten-free” nearly dominate local supermarket segments from fresh to frozen, and deli to dairy. Once a rare find, gluten-free foods are now increasingly getting more shelf space and attention.  In some cases, whole… Read more »