PreGel Launches All-Time Favorite Flavor

pregel red velvet

A classic in a cup, red velvet tastes better frozen

PreGel America is proving that red velvet tastes even better as a frozen dessert. The company’s newest product addition is a part of the company’s diverse selection of instant mixes called Super Sprints, which are used to create frozen desserts such as gelato, soft serve and ice cream.

305912 Red Velvet Super Sprint An instant mix for frozen desserts that offers the rich, classic Southern taste of decadent red velvet cake.

“Red velvet cake is a Southern classic that is a hot trend for 2015,” says Jillian Hillard, marketing manager, PreGel AMERICA.

PreGel’s specialty dessert ingredients are shelf-stable making them optimal for safe, long-term, multifunctional use. All new products are available for sampling. For sample requests or to receive more information on PreGel’s many ingredient solutions, visit