What We are Loving at PreGel

Crunchy Coatings

Baby it’s cool outside…and only weeks away from getting cold. It’s time to dress your display case in extra layers of flavor, color, and crunch! We’re loving PreGel’s new line of Crunchy Coatings. They taste phenomenal, provide crunchy inclusions of nuts, wafers, cookies, or rice puffs, and evenly coat gelato dome cakes, terrines, and semifreddo (perfect catering menu items). These coatings hide imperfections, and make cleaner cuts possible with minimal smearing. We think those are enough reasons to want to crunch through all five flavors, including white chocolate, pistachio, lemon, hazelnut, and chocolate-hazelnut!


We’re nearing the end of 2017, making this the season to celebrate! As a specialty dessert ingredient producer in America with Italian roots, we realize that the holidays are the perfect time to love torrone. Modeled after a traditional dessert served during the holiday season across Italy and Europe, this delightful paste creates the flavor profile of honey, sugar, and authentic Italian pistachios and hazelnuts to create yet another delectable classic. What makes this classic flavor even more appealing is its unassuming diversity. Many may believe that torrone can only create an artisanal nougat dessert, but this melody of tastes is also perfect for flavoring pastry, cookies, and confections, and can be combined with chocolate flavoring to create a taste much like the internationally famous chocolate nougat candy bar.