Moooove Over Cow’s Milk?

Have you ever walked down the dairy aisle of a grocery store and wondered why they don’t carry camel milk? Me neither. But let’s entertain that thought. Why don’t we see more varieties of milk in our dairy cases? Why are all ice creams made from cow’s milk? Well, let’s not put all our eggs in one basket, of course there are exceptions to this rule. There are frozen desserts made from a number of dairy-free nut milks, and you can buy goat’s milk pretty readily, but why are they not more widely used? Perhaps it is because of price; perhaps it is because of taste; or perhaps it’s because the FDA hasn’t approved some yet. In any case, there is something to be said about breaking the mold when it comes to alternative milk.

Many countries across the world don’t have access to cow’s milk and have to rely on milk from different mammals such as camels. With the ever-increasing demand for lactose free milk, there’s bound to be more options just waiting to be explored. Take a look back 10 years ago. Who would’ve thought we could get “milk” from grains like quinoa? I certainly didn’t. The day we visit our favorite gelateria or ice cream shop and order a rocky road made with quinoa “milk” may not happen tomorrow, but it, for sure, has captured the attention of many manufacturers toward this intriguing beverage/ingredient trend as well as allergy awareness, and a means to increase profits via providing this alternate demand.

It’s fair to say that you should consider giving different kinds of milk a try and see where it takes your shop. You never know, the next big flavor might be Salted Caramel Brittle made with camel’s milk; one can only imagine.