The Secret to Keeping Ice Cream Smooth, Not Icey

A Breakdown of Neutro (Ice Cream Stabilizer – Hot/Cold Process)

Have you ever wondered why ice cream has such a smooth texture and how that texture remains so consistent for weeks? Of course the main observation of smoothness that everyone associates with its texture is actually due to the balance of ingredients in the recipe. But one of the ingredients is more important than the others and that is the stabilizers. Stabilizers in frozen desserts are essential for a premium product. The balance of stabilizers in any frozen product, whether it’s ice cream, gelato, or sorbetto is to reduce the degree of ice crystal growth by in uencing its viscosity. Because of this influence it limits the mobility of free water that could freeze and unfreeze in the product if proper storage is not applied. The easiest way to understand the properties of stabilizers is to think of them like sponges. The longer the frozen product is stored the more susceptible it becomes to unfreezing
and recrystallization of ice crystals, lending an undesirable texture to the once perfectly smooth product. Because of this melting and re-freezing, the stabilizers swell constantly, absorbing the free owing melted ice crystals and preventing them from recrystallizing.
PreGel’s Neutro (Ice Cream Stabilizer – Hot/Cold Process) is a high-yield, low dosage product that is OU Kosher (Pareve) certified, gluten- free, vegan, and dairy-free. PreGel’s Neutro is designed to enhance the viscosity, mouthfeel, body, texture, appearance, and shelf life of many different frozen products without a high cost and price variability of generic frozen dessert ingredients.