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A Breakdown of PreGel’s Vellutina® (Sorbitol Paste)

We’ve all heard the old adage that “oil and water don’t mix.” Although the phrase is one that most people perceive to be true, the fact is, the basis behind the saying isn’t completely accurate.

When it comes to frozen desserts, perhaps the most important quality that many people undermine is that the frosty treats are all emulsifications – the result of oil and water mixing to create stable substances. If we didn’t emulsify the mixture, the fat and water molecules would separate, causing a noticeable clumping of fat that would result in an unpleasant mouth texture. Stabilizing an emulsion – a mixture of two liquids that normally would not mix together – to prevent fat and water from separating is simple with the right tools and texture improving agents. PreGel Vellutina® (Sorbitol Paste) is an example of this chef-friendly ingredient solution.

Offering a simple, economical, and effective means to help produce the smooth and creamy texture of a finished product, PreGel’s Vellutina® (Sorbitol Paste) promotes fat destabilization, controls water migration, and increases resistance to the rapid meltdown of finished frozen goods. Although its uses in frozen desserts are well-defined and varied, PreGel Vellutina® (Sorbitol Paste) can also be used in various baking and pastry applications.

When added to bread, it helps retain a softer crumb; in cakes, the sorbitol paste improves gas bubble stability, which results in a lighter more tender and moist product, and in ganache, PreGel Vellutina® (Sorbitol Paste) helps to control free-flowing water migration which lengthens the shelf life of the product.

For everything from premium frozen desserts to artisanal baked goods, high quality texture improvers such as PreGel Vellutina® (Sorbitol Paste) add the refinement that products need and the quality results chefs desire.