Recipe: Mulled Apple Cider Sorbetto

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Ingredients: Method of Preparation: 1. Combine all ingredients in a large plastic bucket. 2. Mix well for 2-3 minutes using an immersion blender. 3. Place in Hot Process machine or process immediately in batch freezer according to machine’s instructions. Visit for product substitution information.

Top Ten: Tastes of Warm, Winter Nostalgia

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The spicy scent of gingerbread baking in the oven, the warmth of a hot chocolate mug against frozen fingers and the buttery taste of grandmother’s holiday cookies all evoke an emotion just by seeing the word such as gingerbread on a menu. According to Marcia Pelchat, a scientist at the Morrell Chemical Senses Center, consumers… Read more »

What’s Blooming: 5-Ways: 5-Star Chef Pastry SelectTM Brut Compound

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5-Star Chef Pastry SelectTM Brut Compound A brut Brut flavor for adding a touch of sophistication to any pastry application. Method of Preparation Combine cream and PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry SelectTM Brut Compound and bring to a boil. Pour over Cacao Barry Zephyr White Chocolate and mix well with an immersion blender. Fill truffle or…


Tree Talk: The PreGel Channel Launches Fresh, New Online Tutorials!

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PreGel AMERICA is excited to announce the newest additions to its network of online tutorials at! The latest videos include step-by-step instructions featuring new alcoholic gelato recipes, how to properly clean an Ugolini MiniGel Frozen Dessert & Beverage machine and how to create a Chocolate Hazelnut Crumb Frozen Cupcake. The educational how-to-videos hosted on… Read more »

Recipes: Banana Thyme Sorbetto

Banana Thyme Sorbetto

Directions: In a large mixing container, place the banana puree, lemon juice, thyme and water. Mix together all of the dry ingredients, PreGel Fruttosa® (Water & Milk Base) and sugar, to remove any lumps. With an immersion blender, mix the liquid ingredients while slowly adding the dry ingredients. Blend well for 2-3 minutes. Pour into… Read more »

Recipes: Strawberry Guava Sorbetto

Strawberry Guava Sorbetto

Directions: Place all the ingredients into a large mixing container. Mix with an immersion blender for 3–4 minutes making sure everything is dissolved. Place in the heat treatment portion of the batch freezer and process according to the machine. Extract the gelato into a pan. Garnish with fresh strawberries and guavas.

Recipes: Peach Bellini Sorbetto

Peach Bellini Sorbetto

  Directions: Mix the sugar and PreGel Fruttosa® (Water & Milk Base) together. Add water, peaches (puree) and champagne. Add PreGel Peach Fortefrutto®, PreGel Fibraplus (Fiber Base Texturizer) and PreGel Vellutina® (Sorbitol Paste). Mix with an immersion blender. Put into the batch freezer. For a great presentation serve in creative cocktail glasses and top with fresh… Read more »

Berry Healthy: Basics 101: Water, a Critical Component in Sorbetto


Sorbetto, commonly referred to as “sorbet” in America, is gelato that is made without dairy ingredients. Water, the only component which freezes, is the principle ingredient in sorbetto – composing some 70 percent of the overall mixture. As the principle ingredient, the functions of water in sorbetto are to: • Dissolve sugar • Rehydrate the… Read more »