Top Ten: Culinary Herbs and Recipes

Top Herbs

1. Basil Popular in both Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, basil has many varieties and is prized for its spicy, clove-like flavor. Recipe suggestion: Coconut Basil Gelato 2. Lavender A very fragrant, slightly sweet herb used in perfumes and teas as well as for cooking and baking. Recipe suggestion: Lavender Spritz Cookies 3. Thyme Often used… Read more »

What’s Blooming: Lavender: It’s More Than Just a Pretty Color


To many people, lavender represents the delicate color of light purple, and its scent can evoke thoughts of a warm summer evening breeze and colorful fields of wildflowers. Whatever the thought may be, the sweet-scented flowering plant of the mint family has much more to offer than warm thoughts and pretty visuals. The Lavandula plant… Read more »

Finding the Perfect Herb: The Chef’s Garden Is Simplifying the Journey for Pastry Chefs

Perfect Herbs

In between the haute restaurant cultures of New York City and Chicago lies a business in the small town of Huron, Ohio, that is cultivating its own chic food culture through artisanal produce and herbs. From micro greens and herbs to specialty edible flowers, The Chef’s Garden, a sustainable family farm, is luring in top… Read more »