Customer Q&A: International Delight Café – A Jewel of the Isle

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Long Island, NY, is home to numerous major tourist attractions including the Montauk Point Lighthouse, Long Island Sound, the chic Hamptons, Nassau Coliseum, Jones Beach and some of the finest vineyards in the northeast. But located in the quaint Nassau County metropolis of Bellmore is a cozy eatery that houses one of the biggest selections… Read more »

Customer Q&A: Boardwalk Empire

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It’s officially summertime – the warmest of the four seasons and synonymous with celebrations, vacations, frozen desserts and trips to the beach. With a location directly on the Indian River only one mile away from the Atlantic Ocean, Uncle Carlo’s Gelato is intent on continuously providing its coastal patrons with sweet waves of irresistible gelato… Read more »

Feature Article: Customer Q&A: Affogato & Nuny’s Yogurt Sweeten Mexico’s Dessert Scene

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Although American palates have long been enjoying the exotic flavors and appeal of Mexican cuisine, 2013 has been appropriately dubbed the year of the “Latin flavor invasion,” with Mexican fare leading the charge of tastes. However, a mutual respect for authentic Italian culture and cuisine is increasingly represented in many Mexican communities due to gelaterias… Read more »

Tree Talk: PreGel Marketplace Site Launches For Customers

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PreGel AMERICA is excited to announce the launch of The new marketplace allows current and potential customers access to stock imagery and marketing materials to take their business’s marketing materials to new heights. Customers will have hundreds of images at their disposal for use as well as downloadable marketing materials such as posters and… Read more »

Feature Customer Q&A: The Central Region: America’s Axis of Flavor

Mandola's Italian Market

Imagine welcoming smiles and diverse menu options that display mouthwatering pictures of epicurean delights alongside sumptuous meal descriptions. Add to that the irresistible visuals of adorable children enjoying a cone of gelato, or an inspiring view of pride-filled owners living their dream realized—these are the images that one sees through a virtual visit to European-style… Read more »