Dessert Trends of 2019


We ended 2018 highlighting the flavor trends that were set to take over dessert and drink menus in 2019. And though we’re only two months into the New Year, more trends keep showing up! From frozen dessert to beverages to pastry, below is a collection of the newest round of trending innovation and ingredients that are in high demand. We’ve also featured some cool links to literature and recipe development created by PreGel America.


Frozen Dessert Industry

In terms of frozen dessert innovation, there are numerous sources showcasing the latest and greatest in taste, texture, and design. Discover some of the latest and most intriguing frozen dessert options out there to add to your menu expansion (that also happen to be great to social media exposure).



More Beans and Veggies, Please!

  • Avocado, hummus, and tahini as bases for ice cream flavors


Ice, Ice, Baby!


New and appetizing flavors remain an ongoing topic in the foodservice industry. Currently enhancing dessert and drink recipes across the board, below are some examples of flavor innovation that are demanding some culinary attention right now.

So Fresh and So Clean…


Patisserie Industry

Baked goods in any food locale is always a standard go-to for consumers. Whether sweet or savory, to be enjoyed onsite or on the go, pastry is definitely a form of culinary magic that keeps mouths watering, and in 2019, the basic staples we’ve come to love are being elevated.


Out with the Old, In with the Choux…

  • Eclairs
  • Choux
  • Bakeries inside full service restaurants
  • World flavors
  • Cross promotional baked goods
  • Savory snacks
  • Mini pastry
  • Lavishly decorated pastry


Beverage Industry

Consumers remain thirsty for change, and the beverage industry is no exception. From monster shakes to new roasts of coffee, see how the beverage sector is evolving and the ways your business can benefit.

To Quench or to Whet? That is the Question…


If you want to know more about how to implement some of these trends into your menu, or source the perfect ingredients specifically for you, we have the resources necessary to keep you on trend.