PreGel’s Key Accounts division proudly serves custom ingredient solutions to key strategic businesses within the Food & Beverage industry. Launched in 2008, Key Accounts is committed to matching the unparalleled quality of PreGel’s products to the specific and evolving needs of our distinctive base of clientele, including quick service restaurantssupermarket and big box storescruise lineshigh-yield bakeries, and food manufacturers. From the very early stages of planning to the development of new product lines and launches, PreGel America’s Key Accounts team is dedicated to assisting its partners every step of the way.

Supplying a broad range of dessert and beverage ingredients including flavorings, pastes, and powders for frozen desserts, fine pastry, and specialty beverages, Key Accounts maintains a focus on customer collaboration and customization. We work closely with our clients to research, test, and develop product innovations that will yield efficient and profitable additions to their businesses. The list of services we provide continues to evolve and includes custom product solutions, private labeling, global distribution, quality assurance testing, recipe creation, and more.

PreGel’s Key Accounts team has a proven strategic approach to businesses that is backed by a wealth of resources. The diverse portfolio our division brings to its target operations ensures an advantageous partnership fueled by the desire to meet each and every one of our customers’ unique needs.


Markets Served
The specified markets we serve are as unique and vast as the solutions and products we provide, allowing us to focus on and understand the evolving needs of our clients. Key Accounts supports quick service restaurants, cruise lines, high-yield bakeries, supermarkets and big box stores, and food manufacturers. Our customized approach towards niche segments within the foodservice industry allows us to serve nontraditional markets as well, such as hospitals, universities, and department stores, which are classified under our “other” category. The division only accounts for a small percentage of PreGel America’s actual customer base but is responsible for nearly 40% of the company’s annual sales.


Custom Products
PreGel has the ability to customize products from our standard lines or develop new products. PreGel offers private label options for businesses seeking frozen yogurt, gelato, soft serve, and frozen beverage solutions. We also offer customized paper cup solutions in a multitude of sizes and colors for businesses seeking to further brand identity, with a turnaround time of approximately three months.


Key Accounts meticulously works with each of its clients to ultimately foster success. To accomplish this, we utilize the key areas of:

  • Research & Development
  • Manufacturing & Private Labeling
  • Quality Assurance
  • Distribution
  • Training

Each area serves as a critical point for developing product mix(es) that complement your brand best.


Key Accounts Research & Development
Paving the way for new and exciting product launches is our Research & Development program. PreGel’s products are the result of careful and timely research that starts with understanding our clients’ evolving requirements and needs. We offer you the opportunity to work with us and create unique recipes that can further enhance your brand.


Customizing Existing PreGel Products
PreGel goes above and beyond the standard to provide you with the ideal product for your business. There are three areas in which we can modify our existing products to meet your expectations:

  • Flavor – PreGel can review and adjust existing formulas to achieve your optimal flavor profile.
  • Ingredients – Recipes can be reformulated to accommodate ingredient replacements and/or additions.
  • Preparation/Recipes – While PreGel packaging may suggest a standard recipe, we can both test and prepare recipes according to your needs.


New Product Development
Our R&D is consistently pioneering the next big thing in specialty desserts and that includes finding specified dessert solutions requested by our key accounts clients. From developing new flavors to conceptualizing new products, we work very closely with our clients to define, craft, and test their creations.

PreGel America has the capability to produce dry mixes at its North Carolina facility; other products may be developed through our U.S. office with actual production in Italy. Customizing products is for customers who require a minimum batch size of 3,000 kg and who are able to meet the following production parameters:

  • A required 50% deposit prior to scheduling production and payment of the remaining balance upon completion of necessary documentation, and once the formulation has been approved by the customer.
  • Understanding that pricing is set at $ per kg based on the completion of necessary documentation and once the final formulation has been approved by the customer.
  • Compliance to the normal lead time of 4-6 weeks.


Manufacturing & Private Label
PreGel understands the importance of our key accounts customers’ confidentiality and autonomy. For this reason, our clients have the ability to brand their product(s), package it according to their needs, and disclose only the information that is necessary.

Maintaining a high-level approach to manufacturing is also central to our production and private label processes. Top-of-the-line machinery, experienced and well-trained personnel, and detailed quality inspection procedures that meet U.S.D.A., FDA, and North Carolina standards are defining factors in our pursuit of manufacturing excellence. The production process begins once the formula has been approved from the Research & Development phase, and then we will work with you to determine the proper packaging, size, and labels for your product.


Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance is undertaken at both the PreGel America facility in Concord, NC, and at the PreGel headquarters in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Each location is equipped with cutting-edge quality assurance labs that develop and analyze products, and verify their ingredient breakdowns and safety. Notable of our labs is our utilization of both Tempo® and Vidas® systems for indicator organisms and pathologic analysis. Our labs, here and overseas, also monitor all in-house production to ensure that every batch meets the highest internal standards of quality and adhere to FDA and USDA standards.

  • PreGel Certifications & Manufacturing Standards
  • Kosher Certifications on specified products
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) Food Safety Plan
  • SQF Level 2 Certification
  • Passed and up-to-date on all FDA inspections


As a global company with subsidiaries and satellite offices around the world, we understand the demand for product distribution that is both cost-efficient and seamless. Highlights of our distribution and warehouse facilities include state-of-the-art racking and equipment, massive storage space, and an impressive tracking system. These amenities combined with the hard work and dedication of our distribution staff allows us to consistently provide our customers with up-to-date information regarding products, availability, and more. We ship to where your business locations are. This is true for our cruise line customers ready to embark on their journeys from all parts of the world. Our thoroughly cultivated experience in the dessert world and providing ingredients has yielded us the information and know-how to export to every country in the world.


We at PreGel strongly believe that education is the key to success. From theory to application to artistry, our International Training Centers provide our customers with the proper culinary and business foundations they need to launch their concepts. Accredited by the American Culinary Federation, our state-of-the-art training facilities offer clients the opportunity to test their products and train on production. We offer all our key account clients the opportunity to set up private demonstrations and/or structured training curriculums for key staff and personnel as you prepare for your new product launch.


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