Tree Talk: Tenerissimo™ Frozen Desserts Causing a Stir in the Industry

Tenerissimo Frozen Desserts

New frozen dessert offers affordable, multifaceted concepts for business owners

Tenerissimo Frozen Desserts

PreGel AMERICA announced the anticipated arrival of Tenerissimo™ Frozen Desserts. Having caused a stir in the market at shows and events across the U.S. for over a year, business owners will be delighted to learn about the many options this new and exciting frozen dessert concept will offer their bottom line.

Utilizing the newest technology in the industry, Tenerissimo™ Frozen Desserts are shelf-stable, powdered mixes that require only the addition of water or milk to produce delicious frozen desserts called Caféttone, Fruittone and Yogurttone. The frozen desserts are made in an affordable tabletop machine similar to slush machines with a stronger freezing compressor chilling the blends to create a product similar to soft serve. There are various brands of machines that can be utilized and purchased within the industry that work well with PreGel’s Tenerissimo™ mixes. The company is also offering a special consignment and purchasing program for the machines in addition to selling the product.

“Tenerissimo™ Frozen Desserts mark another milestone in the world of desserts,” said Marco Casol, CEO and president of PreGel AMERICA. “The technology of the product and affordable machines will allow any purveyor of food products to include frozen desserts in their business model with ease and efficiency.”

Casol elaborates by saying that Tenerissimo™ Frozen Desserts are perfect for a number of business types including coffee shops, casual and high-end restaurants, quick-service restaurants, caterers, casinos, gelato shops, frozen yogurt shops, bakeries and patisseries, convenience stores, grocers and more. “The reason this concept works so well for so many different businesses is the B2C positioning and concepts we have created called Caféttone, Yogurttone and Fruittone. Part of the program is that we provide all the tools needed to start this concept including everything from serveware to store signage,” said Casol.

PreGel summarizes its three-tiered Tenerissimo™ Frozen Desserts Programs as:

Caféttone – A creamy concoction of one Tenerissimo™ flavor [Mascarpone, Fior di Latte (Sweetened Milk), Chocolate or Salted Caramel] and a shot of espresso or coffee of choice.

Fruittone – The lighter side of Tenerissimo™, Fruttone is a concept that offers the refreshing fruit flavors of Strawberry and Pink Grapefruit with a shot of berry or fruit juice for the ultimate frozen dessert drink.

Yogurttone – Yogurt is big business today, and Tenerissimo’s™ yogurt mix prepares a delightful tart-style frozen yogurt dessert perfect for any hour of the day. The idea is to swirl it with a mango or fruit juice, or layer with granola for a frozen parfait.

The concepts are trademarked and presented for PreGel customers to utilize as a selling tool to their consumers. The concept also includes a website where consumers can get the nutritional information on the Tenerissimo™ Frozen Desserts.

The company is excited about this new endeavor and innovative product, and believes that it will change how Americans perceive frozen desserts.

“Frozen desserts are not just for a nightcap anymore,” said Jillian Hillard, Marketing Manager at PreGel AMERICA. “Caféttone is a great way to start your day. We want business owners and consumers to feel good about embracing frozen desserts any time of the day.”

For more information on PreGel’s Tenerissimo™  Frozen Desserts, visit Or call the company’s toll-free number 866 977 3435 to request more information.