Part 4: PreGel America: A Culture of Excellence. A Resume of Success

To Provide exceptional Resources that Encourage unique and inspirinG experiences, Enriching the Lives of our customers and their communities. This is the mission statement of PreGel AMERICA, the U.S. branch of PreGel’s specialty dessert ingredients global empire headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Italy. In 1967, Dr. Luciano Rabboni was moved by the struggles of gelato makers throughout Europe to create products that would enhance their businesses overall. And since its arrival as a virtually unknown company promoting the unfamiliar product of gelato to a naturally skeptical though intrigued American society, PreGel AMERICA has successfully continued Dr. Rabboni’s quest to enrich the lives and businesses of all dessert makers and dessert consumers.

During the span of a very successful decade, PreGel AMERICA has embarked on a journey that displays the significant ways the company has pledged itself to enriching the lives of our customers and uplifting communities.

In 2008, PreGel instituted a philanthropic program known as Donate for Denim. Through this selfless platform, the professionals at PreGel AMERICA have and continue to donate goods to a chosen charity per quarter which yields them the right to wear jeans on Fridays. PreGel has made numerous monetary and material contributions to a wide array of charitable causes locally and across the United States including Goodwill; Los Angelitos Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico; CVAN (Cabarrus Victims Assistance Network), which provides shelter and support for battered women and their children; A Child’s Place for homeless children; and HOPE Charlotte, which provides for the locally underprivileged.

The company has also participated in raising money for breast cancer awareness and research; donating supplies for food drives; and offering assistance to animal welfare shelters as well as many other worthy causes. PreGel plans to continue its humanitarianism efforts with programs like Donate for Denim by bringing a sense of hope to communities and outreach venues in dire need of assistance.

Dessert Innovation
PreGel’s foundation was built on dessert innovation with Dr. Luciano Rabboni’s inaugural creation of Orange Fortefrutto®, which was invented with the purpose to create a gelato that would have a longer shelf-life, offer more robust flavor and quality, and maintain freshness. Since its inception in 2002, PreGel AMERICA has been steadfast about carrying on this tradition of product and dessert innovation with several key product line additions and dessert concepts.

In 2011 and 2012 alone, the company produced topnotch solutions for the dessert industry that are still buzzing. Panini Gelato is PreGel’s latest dessert innovation that marries sweet and savory flavor profiles by omitting a cone, cup or cookie from the dessert presentation and serving gelato or frozen yogurt in a sandwich form on a sweet bun. The Cafèttone™, Fruittone™ & Yogurttone™ Frozen Desserts & Beverages line is another example of dessert modernization at its best. The company presented this unique concept to help customers diversify their menus with instant, powdered mixes that can be made into delicious frozen desserts or drinks. Additionally, PreGel’s Pronto Desserts and Coriandolina® Frozen Pop Coatings have allowed consumers to enjoy easy-to prepare, customizable and novel desserts. And, if you think that’s all, the company tries to outdo itself year after year!

As PreGel AMERICA strives to accomplish another decade of excellence, the company stays true to the tagline promoted on every packaged item of inventory manufactured and distributed: Your Passion. Our Ingredients. And when it comes to serving customers, our pledge remains the same: Your Passion. Our Service.

PreGel AMERICA is dedicated to connecting with our customers and culinary audience through various communication platforms, as well as with hands-on training options. The company has taken part in the advantages of marketing via social media with accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Having instituted, PreGel has made educational tutorials available for customers’ viewing at any time. The Sales and Special Service Team has been strategically divided into territorial regions for the East Coast, Central Region and West Coast, as well as the Caribbean and South and Central America, to provide the utmost attention possible to our regional client base, as well as cater to regional culinary trends and preferences.

Most recently, PreGel AMERICA launched PreGel Marketplace, an e-commerce imagery site customers can utilize to promote their innovative dessert creations. The site makes hundreds of professionally designed and photographed images available by way of its online catalog that covers all aspects of PreGel’s inventory line, from gelato and sorbetto to PreGel’s sophisticated selection of 5-Star Chef Pastry Select ingredients.

Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Wellness, Innovation, Safety, Awareness, Quality and Efficiency; these are the core values PreGel promotes and stands by, and adhering to these very practices, as well as staying ahead of the curve in industry research and dessert trends, has thrust the company into an industry leadership role that it has maintained a stronghold on.

Over the course of ten years, PreGel AMERICA has made great strides in establishing a solid presence in North America. The company, which has expanded beyond the realms of focusing only on promoting Italy’s crowned delicacy of gelato, is now a recognized staple at major events and tradeshows like the National Restaurant Association (NRA) show and International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), as well as many others. This tradeshow presence spans the borders of the United States, since PreGel AMERICA also oversees additional subsidiaries that include PreGel CANADA, PreGel MEXICO, PreGel BRAZIL and a network of distributors that fall under PreGel LATIN AMERICA.

Having aligned with world-renowned chefs in the 5-Star Pastry Series instituted in 2009, PreGel has also grown to sponsor many different industry events, including the Annual International Pastry Competition, which is meant to provide up-and-coming specialty dessert chefs a broad platform to expose their immense talents and bright futures.

In the last decade, PreGel has been very fortunate to have the ability to serve a growing amount of customers each year and usher passionate individuals into the exciting, colorful and delicious world of culinary arts. PreGel is celebrating a very important milestone this year with our ten-year anniversary; however, in terms of company longevity, we are still a young company and recognize that we must continue to learn in order to grow every day.

The current and sustained success of PreGel AMERICA is not only due to the extraordinary inter-departmental teamwork within all aspects of the company, but also because of the feedback, comments, suggestions and enthusiasm the company’s appreciated clients have provided. By allowing the company to remain an overall resource for the long-term success of dessert entrepreneurs everywhere, PreGel customers have promoted the success of this company and nurtured the acorn seed we once were into the mighty oak tree we are growing to become. Here’s to another 10 years!