Dessert ingredient producer continues mission to aid non-profit in bringing joy to sick children


 Every good relationship stands the chance to go the distance long term, and that is the intention of PreGel America in terms of its charitable partnership with Icing Smiles. For the third straight year, the dessert ingredient producer will continue to align one of its initial objectives – to bring smiles to people through desserts – with that of Icing Smiles: to bring joy to sick children and their families with custom made cakes.


“We love working with companies like PreGel who understand that our mission is about creating memories for families who desperately need a sense of normalcy,” says Tracy Quisenberry, founder of Icing Smiles.


“They are true partners working directly with us in many ways to ensure that we can execute that mission as effectively as possible, and they constantly challenge themselves to find new and unique ways to expand our reach with their help and resources,” Quisenberry continues.


Beginning in 2016, PreGel supports Icing Smiles-attended events with samples of its dessert ingredients and finished desserts. The company is now looking to further its supportive efforts with a more hands-on approach.


In line with the Icing Smiles Sugar Angels program, the chefs of the PreGel International Training Centers will bake individual cakes as well as supply ice cream and gelato made with PreGel ingredients, each twice a year. The cakes and ice cream, respectively, made at the PreGel International Training Centers – Charlotte, will be delivered to children and their families personally by PreGel personnel following coordination by Icing Smiles.


“Seeing as we have been partnering with Icing Smiles for the last two years, we wanted to make this partnership more interactive,” says Anna Pata, director of sales and marketing at PreGel America. “We are inspired by the Icing Smiles Sugar Angels and the beautiful work they do. And utilizing the skill, talent, and compassion of our ITC chefs and PreGel’s amazing ingredients toward this collaboration would not only enrich our partnership experience with Icing Smiles, but help bring more joy to children and families who really need them,” Pata concludes.


PreGel’s third sponsorship year of Icing Smiles officially began August 2019.