Every tree tells a story, PreGel’s tree is strong and looks to the future


Simplicity, determination and creativity are the nourishment
that since 1967 feeds our company

February 1st, Reggio Emilia – Every tree tells a story. Trees have many branches that intertwine and are full of lush leaves. Trees also produce fruits that grow, die, are reborn, and must be picked at the right time. Trees have strong roots that settle deep into the ground, making the trunk solid and resistant. If every tree tells a story, then PreGel’s represents the dream of Cav. Luciano Rabboni. His adventure began in 1967, first with the development of new flavours in a laboratory set up in his father’s garage, and then with the construction of the PreGel (short for “PREparations for GELato”) facility together with his wife Elena Frigieri.

“Simplicity, determination and creativity” is the motto of Cav. Luciano Rabboni, values that have marked the company’s history over the last fifty years, and represents the nourishment that continues to feed the company’s vision that has evolved over time. A story that continues, thanks to strong and solid roots, PreGel today looks to the future by communicating a reassuring message to customers through the reappearance of the tree in the company logo. The tree is a strong representation and symbol of hope for the gelato industry during this time of significant global change.

The new look & feel is modern and bright thanks to the colours that come from nature. For this reason, green is the recurring theme present in this communication restyling, a colour that represents life and evolution, but it is also a symbol of hope chosen to give a positive perspective and to support our customers for the future.
Green conveys a feeling of solidity but also of strength and perseverance, characteristics that have allowed PreGel to expand in the last fifty years in over 130 countries and with 20 subsidiaries all over the world.

The new image representing PreGel aims to embrace the company’s fundamental principles, based on a transparent and responsible supply chain, which guarantees the highest standards of quality and excellent products to our customers.