Specialty dessert ingredient company launches themed collections of flavored mixes



CONCORD, N.C. (August 11, 2017) – If there’s one thing business owners wants to make sure of, it’s that they have enough of a diverse offering to please anyone who patronizes their business. Providing a large range of products applies to business suppliers as well, such as PreGel America. As the leading North American manufacturer and developer of specialty dessert ingredients for artisanal frozen and baked delicacies, the company is excited to announce its new Flavor Packs—offerings of specially selected PreGel Super Sprint powdered flavor mixes that create a patriotic, chic, whimsical, exotic, or relaxing culinary environment.

New PreGel Super Sprint Flavor Packs contain twelve bags of PreGel Super Sprint, currently available in five varieties, including:

American Classics Flavor Pack – 316007
Consistently voted onto the coveted list of top-selling frozen dessert flavors in the country, the bliss-inducing tastes of chocolate, vanilla, butter pecan, and strawberry are a fitting composition that makes up PreGel’s American Classics Kit. This diverse selection of Super Sprint powdered mixes represent culturally celebrated flavors that are not only extraordinary canvases for customization, but enjoyable as sensational standalone treats as well.

Italian Classics Flavor Pack – 316006
Italy is known for its culinary mastery utilizing only the best flavors and ingredients toward the creation of unforgettable dining experiences. Taking an appropriate seat at the table of flavor excellence are gianduiotto (dark chocolate-hazelnut), tiramisu, mascarpone, and hazelnut. Each Super Sprint powdered mix offers an exquisite taste of Italy’s most renowned flavors with little effort to produce.

Kiddie Flavor Pack – 316008
Selected specifically for the joy of children (or children-at-heart), this compilation of Birthday Cake Blue, Pink Cotton Candy, Popcorn, and Watermelon are the perfect flavors to add some festivity to birthday celebrations, graduations, or other special occasions. Make your case into a whimsical taste experience for your youngest clientele using little effort to prepare these fantastic powdered mixes.

Tropical Vacation Flavor Pack – 316009
This kit of tropically-flavored powdered mixes boasts the sweet, exotic flavors of banana, coconut, mango, and pineapple, everything a tropical excavation provides except the warm breeze.

Tea Time Flavor Pack – 316001
It’s always time for tea with this refreshing array of extraordinary flavors. Quench any tea craving with this amazing selection of instant flavored powdered bases, which only require the addition of water or milk to create the authentic tastes of matcha green tea, exotic chai tea, and the subtle contentment of Earl Grey tea. With every spice and flavor blend perfectly measured to complement the final result, you can easily recreate the traditional tea party with artisanal frozen desserts and redefine the meaning of teaspoon.

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About PreGel America
Established in 2002, PreGel America is the U.S. subsidiary of PreGel (Pre Gelateria), a global developer, manufacturer, and distributor of specialty dessert ingredients, with main headquarters in Reggio Emilia, Italy. PreGel is a B2B company dedicated to providing authentic, high quality, and shelf-stable semi-finished dessert ingredient solutions and supplies to passionate chefs and business owners/operators for the creation of innovative finished desserts. The company’s diverse product lines include bases, bases with flavorings, pastes, compounds, variegates, toppings & fillings, coatings, and instant dessert bases in four main sectors: GelatoSorbetto & Ice CreamSoft Serve Ice CreamPastry & Confections, and Specialty Beverage Solutions.

PreGel provides private label options, a team of dedicated sales agents for all regions of the U.S., and hosts four PreGel International Training Centers staffed by trained and award-winning chefs in North Carolina, California, Florida, and Illinois. With distribution facilities in Charlotte, NC and Los Angeles, CA, PreGel sells directly to full service restaurants, quick service restaurants, frozen dessert establishments, coffee shops, bakeries, patisseries, pizzerias, hospitality and tourism, grocery stores, colleges, universities, hospitals, and other noncommercial foodservice, as well as distributors in the United States.

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