Consumer purchasing needs tend to range from those of an urgent nature to the kind based purely on curiosity, and for dessertpreneurs with a passion for creating artisanal specialty desserts, PreGel (Pre Gelateria) makes it possible to obtain necessary dessert ingredient solutions any time of day with a newly added ecommerce component to the company’s corporate website.

“We are very excited about the prospect of extending quality service to our business partners around the clock,” says Anna Pata, director of sales, PreGel America. “Our ecommerce site makes it possible for us to always be present to meet customer demands and better keep them equipped to execute their day-to-day objectives,” Pata concludes.

An abundant assortment of PreGel’s superior quality ingredients is available online, including essential items from each of the company’s ingredient segments: Gelato, Sorbetto & Ice Cream; Soft Serve Ice Cream; Pastry & Confections; Specialty Beverage Solutions. Also featured is the exclusive selection of serveware from the company’s ServIce® line, which includes equipment and equipment supplies such as the PreGel Panini Press; production supplies showcasing items like disposable piping bags and pastry preparation kits ; and serving supplies boasting cups, spoons, pan liners, etc.

Additionally, special monthly discount offers are provided on select ecommerce items as an added value, as well as an online chat option with a live representative to ensure a stress-free digital shopping experience, and to answer any inquiries about shipping, billing, and all other concerns.

PreGel America’s ecommerce can be accessed via the ‘shop online’ tab located on the homepage of the company’s corporate website, A short tutorial video on how to navigate the ecommerce process is also posted on the company’s YouTube channel, The select items sold via ecommerce can also be obtained through standard site navigation.