Dessert ingredient company and world-famous pastry chefs collaborate to redefine the art of pastry


CONCORD, N.C. (January 3, 2019) –  Milestones are not exactly easy to achieve. They require endless amounts of time, patience, and resilience, which is why when milestones are reached, there’s reason to celebrate. And that’s exactly what PreGel America is doing this year. 2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of the company’s exclusive 5-Star Pastry Series®—an educational program with a steadfast emphasis on the advancement of veteran pastry chefs looking to enhance thier culinary skills.

The 2019 training season is upon PreGel America, and it’s going to be an exciting year for the company’s 5-Star Pastry Series®. Next year we commemorate the 10th anniversary of this specialized program, specifically created for the further development of advanced pastry chefs. Hosted exclusively at the PreGel International Training Centers – Charlotte, this series consisting of 3-day seminars combining class lecture and hands-on training, has introduced countless students to some of the world’s most exclusive and highly respected talent in pastry.

A small sample of world-renowned lecturers who have graced the kitchens of PreGel’s state-of-the-art training centers include chefs Michael Laiskonis, Lauren V. Haas, Francisco Migoya, Antonio Bachour, Frank Haasnoot, and Amaury Guichon, among many notable others.