Tree Talk: Have You Joined Our Social Media Pages Yet?

Social Media Pages

Have you joined our Facebook pages yet? There’s a lot of exciting things happening on Facebook, YouTube and more, and we would love to have you as a friend. Here’s a sneak peek at what our pages offer and why you should join.

Social Media Pages

PreGel AMERICA Fan Page (

• Find the Professional Training Center’s up-to-date schedule of classes
• New recipes and techniques for your business
• Post your feedback on our service, training, products and more
• Find recent news and happenings at PreGel AMERICA
• View quick snapshots of the latest industry news and trends Fan Page (

• Learn all about gelato
• Share your specials and store information
• Post on our online discussion board and share experiences about the latest on gelato
• Interact with other gelato lovers – share stories, pictures and favorite gelateria locations

5-Star Pastry Series Fan Page (

• Find details about all of our upcoming and past seminars
• Receive up-to-date news about our 5-Star Pastry Series
• Interact with others attending our seminars and possibly make a connection before arriving for class
• View photos from past 5-Star Pastry Series seminars
• Discuss the event after attending, share highlights and favorite moments

You can also find PreGel AMERICA on:

Or Join our 5-Star Pastry Series Group on LinkedIn:
LinkedIn Group: