Tree Talk: PreGel’s Pastry Exploration


As a leader in specialty dessert ingredients, PreGel AMERICA continues to expand and adapt to the demands and trends within the industry. Beginning in 2009, PreGel AMERICA will focus on launching its new Pastry Line.


Expanding its product lines to incorporate pastry products is a natural stepping stone for PreGel AMERICA as its superior quality and diversity of ingredients can be utilized in nearly all baking and pastry products. The new Line will feature new pastry specific products, but also showcase how PreGel’s Traditional Pastes, Fortefrutto®, Arabeschi® and Toppings have many specialty dessert applications.

“At PreGel AMERICA, we are very excited about our Pastry Line. We understand today’s busy chefs are looking for solutions. It is solving the challenge of consistency and efficiency in both products and processes. We have developed a pastry line that offers real solutions to the challenges faced every day. Our products are exceptional in quality. With PreGel in your kitchen, you will save both time and money, while enhancing the end product. In today’s market, that’s exciting,” says PreGel’s Corporate Pastry Chef and 2008 Pastry and Bread Champion Sadruddin Abdullah.

By offering products for multiple applications, PreGel AMERICA offers its existing customers new and creative ways to use the product they may already be purchasing, while opening the company to a whole new market.

Education remains at the core of the company’s operations, and a range of new classes – including Pastry & Frozen Desserts, as well as special topics such as Chocolate Artistry & Confections and Sugar Artistry – will also be offered at the PreGel Training Center. The classes will serve to support the initiatives of the line.

With a consistent focus on versatility, innovation and a dynamic product base, PreGel AMERICA enters this next phase with enthusiasm and anticipation of many good things to come.