Tree Talk: 5-Star Chef Pastry Select Line Features Six New Pastes

Pastry Select Line

Pastry Select Line

PreGel is expanding its dynamic 5-Star Chef Pastry Select line to encompass six new pastes. The six new pastes include:

• Almond Paste
Description: Thick and creamy with tiny pieces of almond, this is a classic almond paste.

• Coconut Paste
Description: A smooth and milky paste with an intense coconut flavor.

• Donatella Paste
Description: A harmonious combination of delicious milk chocolate and aromatic hazelnuts.

• Hazelnut Paste
Description: A paste offering the flavor of Italian roasted hazelnuts.

• Hazelnut Superior Paste
Description: A genuine hazelnut paste made with 100% pure hazelnuts.

• Pistachio Superior Paste
Description: Made with 100% pure pistachios, the authenticity of this rich paste is unsurpassed.

PreGel will continue to add new products to the line, while maintaining a select list of products to ensure that pastry

professionals are getting the exact formulas they need year-round. The new additions represent a group of premium flavors that offer smart and unique solutions in today’s competitive market for all businesses with dessert concepts. The new pastry pastes are packaged in smaller quantities than the company’s other pastes to achieve optimal storage and usage.

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