Tree Talk: PreGel AMERICA Introduces Frozen Pop Kits

Frozen Pop Kits

Dessert Makers Can One-Stop Shop for All Their Frozen Pop Needs

Frozen Pop Kits

After launching five new Coriandolina® Frozen Pop Coatings as a part of the company’s 2011–2012 Novelties, PreGel AMERICA is taking frozen pop-making one step further. The company’s new frozen pop kit features all the tools needed to create gelato and frozen yogurt pops includ the mold, a frozen pop holder for display, a 500 pack of wooden sticks and an order of five mix-and-match cases of the Coriandolina® coatings.

While the kit is the best bet for business owners looking to branch into frozen pop-making, PreGel AMERICA will also be selling each of the components separately as a part of its ServIce™ line.

PreGel is already assisting its customers with creating frozen pops – the company’s Professional Training Center offers a Gelato Cakes, Frozen Pops & More Frozen Desserts Basics Class, which teaches the basics on crafting these highly sought-after treats. The company also has experimented with the Coriandolina® coatings for other applications such as a coating for pretzels, fruits and marshmallows, featured in PreGel’s August 2011 Training Center eNewsletter. In addition to these, PreGel plans on creating a step-by-step demo video later this year to also assist clients in the process.

PreGel’s Coriandolina® Frozen Pop Coatings feature the trendy flavors of coffee, white chocolate, strawberry, chocolate and lemon in a frozen pop coating form. The most notable feature of the product is that the coating doesn’t break or crack, which makes it easy to eat.

For more information on the Coriandolina® Frozen Pop Kits, visit or call toll-free 866 977 3435.