From the Top of the Tree

Marco Casol

Lately, I have been finding myself drawn to literature from the late 17th and 18th Centuries. I have found it to provide both a “get away,” but also a parallel to the day-to-day role I play in this company. It’s very intriguing to see how something can take you so far away but land you so close to where you are.

Escaping the realities of everyday life is important. It’s a part of maintaining balance or putting it frankly, sanity. And though I tend to be a bad example of this on a regular basis, I understand when I do attend to this need that my health and perspective often feel renewed and ready for what’s to come. As many of you in the frozen desserts business find yourselves in the warm, summer season, which is synonymous with the “busy season,” it is imperative you find that “get away.” Whether it’s reading a book, a bike ride or a walk to clear the mind, be sure you take the time for yourself amidst the chaos. Staying refreshed and alert is what makes us tick better and perform at the highest standards in everything we do. For those who know me, books have always been a source of this, but also running, biking and whatever new activity stirs my curiosity from time to time. I promise that if you respond to this need, it will help your mind, body and business in the long run.

Geared a bit more toward our daily lives are the messages and inspirations that my reading has provided as well as the lessons from the past. Literature from this time is compelling, as you can sense the focus and passion that comes from the writers on the subjects. Also, because for many writing these magnificent books not only served as a livelihood, but amusement as well – let’s face it, iPhone apps and YouTube weren’t exactly at the fingertips of our ancestors.

However, the emphasis on a good work ethic and insightful thought is what really touches me, as the pinnacle of every man and woman’s life during this time was survival. When survival was accomplished each day, only then did the opportunity for creating and paving a way for innovation present itself. Using this as a premise in our business operations, have you asked yourself lately what you need to do for your business to survive? Asking this question on occasion will not only let you get back to basics and foundation of why you started the business, but expose areas that are unnecessary for your operations, and in the worse cases headaches.

Once you find that all the areas of survival for your company have been met, it is then time for you to get creative and seek out new ways to innovate. It is also time for you to assess how you turn your livelihood into something that provides everyday amusement and happiness in your life. While our cultures have evolved immensely since the 1600s and 1700s, the truth is there is still so much we can all learn from the past.

Now, let’s close the book and get back to work.