A new development is in the works just a few miles away from the PreGel Italy headquarters. A cutting edge Food and Agriculture Center will be built in the town of Arceto di Scandiano (Reggio Emilia) as a result of the relationship between PreGel and Cantina Emilia Wine, an industrial company that deals with the production of grapes for the iconic wines of the Emilian tradition.

This project was realized from a need for expansion for both companies in effort to enhance the local excellence of our products and increase employment and business opportunities in the area. Our collaboration with Emilia Wine includes research into new technological formulas for the production and conservation of food products. Research will be conducted by a team dedicated to the study of Ancellotta grapes used as a natural colorant without chemical additives. The project will include warehouses operated via Electtric80, with technological, engineering, and unique IT know-how that will help the flow of transport, increase quality of the delivered product, and reduce energy consumption.

What will the office operations be like?

The building will be designed using bioclimatic principles and measuring around four macro “farmyards” in line with the rural Emilian architectural tradition arranged on three levels. Additionally, PreGel’s new headquarters will include executive offices, an International Training Centers, meeting rooms, exhibition areas, and the Gelato Museum. This project is not only industrial but also sustainable due to the inclusion of 3,400 trees being planted across 47,000 square meters of wooded areas, as well as rows of vines and hedges. Both buildings will be located in the central area of the project location in order to ensure better landscape integration.

To make mobility safer in the area, a roundabout will be built on SP 52 to improve traffic and access to the area. Pedestrian crossing and maximizing networking on the Tresinaro cyle lane will  also be improved.