Custom Printed ifi® Coolbox Decal Stickers

Looking to customize your ifi Coolbox? This kit allows you to do just that!


This kit is a PreGel exclusive! This kit allows you to create custom decals to place on all 4 sides of your ifi® Coolbox. Use yours or our marketing department’s creativity to design decals perfect for your business. Decals can be any size*, shape or color. You can also have four completely different designs – one for each side.

This Kit Includes:

  • 4 Custom shape decal stickers that fit each side of the ifi Coolbox

Note: This kit is for printed decals only and does not include the ifi® Coolbox (Item# 199700). This can be purchased through our website or by contacting our sales or special service team representatives. 

Kit Price:
$95 + Shipping
Note: this price reflects the printing of all four sides of the ifi® Coolbox. If you need additional or extra decals, an additional $95 would apply for each set of 4 sides.

See Additional Information and Details below for more information

Coolbox Kit Image

Coolbox Decals

  • Order Details

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, eps, jpeg.

Additional Information and Details

*Decal Size:
Decals can be printed and cut to be custom shapes other than the full coverage option for no additional cost, but cannot exceed the full size of the ifi® Coolbox surface area.

There is no minimum quantity of kits that must be ordered‭. ‬Orders can range from 1-100‭ ‬kits to fit the needs of your business‭, ‬whether large or small‭. ‬

Lead Time
For standard requests‭, ‬please allow for 14-16‭ ‬business days to receive finished materials‭. ‬This timeframe begins after all information and additional (‬such as logo‭, ‬custom text‭, ‬etc‭.) ‬are received by PreGel America‭. ‬Proofs can be expected within 5‭ ‬business days and should be reviewed at your earliest convenience‭  ‬to remain on schedule‭. ‬

These decals are printed on durable self-adhesive material with a protective coating. The adhesive is strong enough to ensure a solid adhesion, but easily peel and adjustable if needed.

To place your order, or request additional information about this item, please complete the above form with your contact information and our creative services department will assist you through the process.

  • Once the artwork has been chosen‭, ‬you will then need to provide any logos and/or customizable elements to PreGel creative services through the online form or through later communications‭. ‬In order to ensure the best quality print‭, ‬PreGel will require a copy of your company logo in a high resolution JPG file‭ (‬or preferred EPS file‭) ‬before generating the electronic proof‭.‬
  • PreGel will then create an electronic proof of the design which will represent exactly how your artwork will appear with any customized elements‭. ‬Material samples can be provided by request‭. ‬Production will not begin until you have approved the proof‭. 
    Note‭, ‬however‭, ‬that any revisions or complications may extend the normal lead time‭. ‬
  • Following approval‭, ‬the items will be printed and shipped directly to your business‭.‬
  • PreGel will issue an invoice for the total amount of printing and shipping costs‭ after final approval.   

If you have additional questions, please contact PreGel’s Creative Services Department at