Recipes: Rocky Road Gelato

Rocky Road Gelato


2700g 95ozwhole milk
675g 24ozsugar
135g 5ozPreGel Diamant 50 (Milk Base)
350g 12ozPreGel Cacaopat Traditional Paste (Chocolate - Unsweet).

Rocky Road Gelato


  1. Mix the sugar and PreGel Diamant 50 (Milk Base) together.
  2. Add whole milk.
  3. Add PreGel Cacaopat Traditional Paste (Chocolate – Unsweet).
  4. Mix with an immersion blender.
  5. Put into the pasteurizer.
  6. Pasteurize at 85°C/185°F.
  7. Pour mix into the batch freezer.
  8. Fold in and top with mini marshmallows, chopped walnuts and PreGel Amarena Topping ( Sour Cherry).