Tree Talk: PreGel Video Channel Launches with 18 New Instructional Videos for Dessert-Making

PreGel Channel

How-to videos for gelato, pastry and soft serve are now accessible online from PreGel’s Professional Training Center

PreGel Channel

PreGel AMERICA and the PreGel Professional Training Center are excited to unveil a new online video channel with 18 never before seen instructional how-to dessert videos. The PreGel Channel is a new section on and will host all of the videos produced by PreGel. The 18 new videos are part of a series that covers how to make gelato, sorbetto, Tenero (soft serve), frozen yogurt with Yoggi 30® and 5-Star Chef Pronto Pastries, which include panacotta, tiramisú, molten chocolate cakes and more.

Providing the exclusive video channel and continuing to create branded videos for their customer base are something PreGel AMERICA Marketing Manager Jillian Hillard believes is a critical step in the company’s overall marketing strategy.

“Our customers are accessing information from so many different mediums today, and video is a huge area of growth,” said Hillard. “The PreGel Channel allows them to easily access informational and educational videos, especially for those who are unable to attend classes at our Professional Training Center.”

The new 18 step-by-step tutorial videos feature the company’s first-rate Professional Training Center staff and provide a great guide for learning more about how to make a variety of authentic desserts using PreGel AMERICA’s ingredients. Highlighted flavors include pistachio gelato, award-winning pink grapefruit sorbetto, chocolate soft serve, ice cream, pannacotta and many more. The videos are segmented by topic [Gelato & Sorbetto, Tenero (soft serve), Frozen Yogurt and Pronto Pastries], and viewers can learn each technique and recipe one-by-one.