Tree Talk: PreGel AMERICA’s Dynamic 5-Star Chef Pastry Select Line Expands

New Fillings And Stabilizer Added To High-End Pastry Line

PreGel AMERICA, announced new category additions to its pastry focused product line 5-Star Chef Pastry Select line. The line now features stabilizers and fillings.

The new products introduced include:

  • Neutro (Ice Cream Stabilizer – 02026) – a high-yield stabilizer that comes in powdered form and is great for pastry and frozen dessert applications.
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp Filling (13422) – A milk chocolate sauce with hazelnut and wafer crunch pieces
  • Coffee Crisp Filling (17422) – A bold coffee-flavored chocolate sauce with almond and hazelnut crunches
  • Fig Filling (17522) – Both luscious and authentic, our fig sauce is made from puréed figs for various sweet and savory applications
  • Strawberry Filling (23422) – Fragolissima Arabeschi® is an aromatic strawberry sauce packed with whole strawberry pieces

Any of the superior new fillings can to be used as toppings, fillers and flavorings for pastry.

PreGel will continue to add new products to the line, while maintaining a select list of products to ensure that pastry professionals are getting the exact formulas they need year-round. The new additions represent a group of premium flavors that offer smart and unique solutions in today’s competitive market for all businesses with dessert concepts.

For more information on PreGel’s premier pastry brand, visit Or call the company’s toll-free number 866 977 3435 to request a sample.