Tree Talk: PreGel America Launches Marketing-In-A-Box Promotion

2009 Marketing in a Box

2009 Marketing in a BoxPreGel AMERICA is proud to announce, after much anticipation, its Marketing-in-a-Box (MIB) promotion. PreGel AMERICA’s MIB promotion is a part of the ongoing initiative to provide customers with one-of-a-kind service.

PreGel AMERICA is a company that believes in helping its customers grow from the ground up, always striving to offer unique and creative solutions to meet every need. From free training and product samples to exclusive recipes, MIB is just another great solution. PreGel understands its customers and their need for tools that will help them continue to promote their products beyond the busy season. With that idea in mind, PreGel AMERICA created the MIB promotional kits as something customers can use to maintain product promotion and branding throughout the entire year.

PreGel AMERICA’s MIB promotion will be available for FREE (while supplies last) as a one-time offer to customers who meet a $6,000 product purchase requirement. Once approved by their regional sales representative or special service team member, customers will have the choice of selecting from either a gelato-themed kit or a frozen yogurtthemed kit both of which will include items such as posters, point-of-sales signage and media templates.

These kits truly offer customers an easy solution to assist in their ongoing marketing efforts beyond the summer season. For more information and for qualification terms, contact PreGel AMERICA toll-free at 866 977 3435.