From the Top of the Tree

Marco Casol

The year is almost half over, and I am sure we all share the same sentiment: Where does the time go? We blink, and a new season is upon us. New issues, a new corner to turn, and the goals we set in January loom over us as we strategize how we can meet them by Dec. 31st.

I have a great team that provides helpful content throughout this magazine, in our eNewsletters and on our websites to help you problem-solve and seek out additional resources. But perhaps we aren’t digging deep enough within our own operations to share how we are working to make your experience better. The three areas of our business that I often hear are important to you include Shipping, Product Availability and Marketing. And if that’s case, here’s where our cards currently lie in those areas.


We know we have to get better at shipping, and with every month that passes, we are continuously trying to close that gap. We monitor our carriers regularly–assessing their pricing, efficiency and overall service. We ultimately want the best carriers for you, and we are confident that we can to continue to work out the kinks to ensure that. What we have to do together is hope for a little luck with the economy and soaring fuel costs, and ask that you keep us aware of any problems you experience.


Two years ago, we considered it a milestone to produce products away from our Italian headquarters. Today, we are exceeding the goals set for the number of products and lines that would be produced at our plant. The increase in volume and lines will only help us produce more. We have a bit of a road ahead of us to achieve it, but with our continued promise of quality, this is a MUST we are committed to.


Requests for standard supplies and marketing materials such as posters, images and POS signage are always abundant. To honor those requests, we have implemented programs such as Marketing-in-a-Box, but we still feel a greater variety of offerings is required for success. To solve this, we are looking into a new merchandising program. This fall, our sales and marketing teams will be asking, what you would like and how PreGel can fulfill those needs? Based on your feedback, we will get to work on a program with online access for you to download and order what your business needs, from flavor markers and photography to buckets and lids.

While I would love to reveal all of our cards to you, this magazine just doesn’t have enough pages. Like a seasoned card player, it takes years to master the game, and PreGel AMERICA is doing everything it can to become a better player with every card we lay.

Marco Casol