From the Top of the Tree

Marco Casol

Marco Casol

Spring and summer always bring a sense of renewal and starting over as blossoms bloom, new life emerges, and animals and humans alike come out of hibernation from winter’s harsh realities. I tend to look at business this way too as the fresh air breaths something new and exciting into my own approach for the year. Many in our industry have asked as a part of a growing and innovative company, how I find time to find inspiration, challenge myself and build knowledge. While there is never enough time to dedicate to this effort I always tell them it is imperative to find some time for it because it can make the difference between being good and being exceptional at what you do.

When finding inspiration, I do not limit myself to just this industry. In fact, I look at my other passions and hobbies and see how companies approach consumers such as myself to present their new products and services coming out. A good idea and approach can always translate beyond. It is as simple as visiting a website, taking a moment to read a magazine or even walking into a store or environment and experiencing what it has to offer. Being the consumer in this instance can help me understand how I want our customers to feel about what we have to offer.

Reading is something I do almost religiously. From biographies to business books and general leisure, I always have a book within arm’s reach. The words of another can take you outside of yourself both to a place of solace and insight. No matter the topic, every book I read offers a perspective that can translate to a better business experience. The written word in a book is extremely dynamic especially when it can evoke various emotions and initiate a connection – this is the feeling that I hope PreGel products can also induce.

Observation and conversation are two of the simplest, yet often the most dynamic sources of inspiration for me. Once a week, our executive management team is required to meet, discuss and learn from one another with a focus on improving the company both internally and externally. Watching our various departments at work, seeing their processes and solutions, etc. is always intriguing. I truly enjoy conversing with our employees and especially our customers. Their perspectives and thoughts often challenge me to think and look at things differently – in fact it usually has me going to buy more books or search online to truly comprehend and understand where they are coming from, what they are experiencing and how I can translate it into our practices.

All of these sources of renewal and inspiration aren’t much if we don’t act and integrate them into our day-to-day lives and processes. If we don’t continue to refresh ourselves and our approach we become stale and insipid. It is my ultimate goal that PreGel AMERICA never becomes that type of company or for that matter that I never become that type of person. I encourage you to always share your thoughts, your motivations and dreams – this can only help us to grow. We will in turn always work harder at presenting our company as a source of encouragement and rejuvenation for your business as well.

With the busy season upon us, here’s to finding new inspirations, overcoming new challenges and evolving as a business.

Marco Casol,
President and CEO