Chef’s Nest: The Fine Art of Boutique-Style Pastries and Petit Fours with Chef Frederic Hawecker

Chef Frederic Hawecker

Chef Frederic Hawecker

Chef Frederic Hawecker conducted his first 5-Star Pastry SeriesTM seminar at PreGel AMERICA’s Professional Training Center on February 19-21, 2013. Chef Hawecker inspired attendees with unique flavor combinations resulting in a stunning buffet.

Step-by-step, Chef Hawecker explained and demonstrated the techniques needed to create each component in his recipes. During the demo, individual students were able to step in at various points to assist in production, assembly and finishing of each dessert item. Flavor combinations such as raspberry and poppyseed were explored, as well as the use of the unique Chinese flower Osmanthus.

Proper preparation of a variety of items was demonstrated, including sable, gelee, mousse, glazes, pate a choux and macarons. Chef Hawecker explained in detail the proper preparation of macarons and how to achieve the right texture of the batter before piping onto the sheet pan. Various fillings were demonstrated and enjoyed by all in attendance.

Chef attendees represented a mixture of bakeries, patisseries, gelaterias and colleges, and came from as far as Guatemala. The attendees completed the class with a tempting display of decadent treats, showing off the delicious pastries and petit fours they created.

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