Two Chocolate Masters Visit PreGel


Innovative Dessert Buffet with Chef Jérôme Landrieu 6.1.2015-6.3.2015

In his fifth year of presenting at PreGel’s 5-Star Pastry Series® Seminar on June 1-3, 2015 at PreGel America’s International Training Center in Charlotte, NC, Jérôme Landrieu, Corporate Pastry Chef for the Chicago Chocolate Academy, showcased many modern twists on traditional flavors as well as innovative techniques that resulted in an array of stunning pastry for the modern dessert buffet.

The chef attendees were paired in groups of two, with each group focusing on a different assortment of buffet style pastries. Chef Landrieu demonstrated many techniques that ranged from making a Ginger & Mango St. Honoré, to his wildly innovative way of piping meringue onto a tart using a record player. He also demonstrated the versatility of using PreGel’s new Cacao EssenzialeAzima 44% (Fine Milk Chocolate Couverture) to create Milk Chocolate Vanilla Crémeux, Chocolate Coriander Mousse and Dark Chocolate Smoked Sorbet.

The seminar focused mostly on modern techniques, but Chef Landrieu also paid due respect to many classic pastries, giving them new and innovative presentations. The chef attendees were given insights into creating the perfect pâte à choux, pâte sablée and pain de genes, traditional marmalades and crémeux. The end result was a beautifully presented buffet of modern pastries, each seamlessly blending the contemporary with the traditional.

The chef attendees were a diverse group, representing hotels, country clubs, and universities from all over the United States, and even as far as Trinidad.


Bonbons and Sweet Confections with Chef Frederic Hawecker, MOF 6.22.2015-6.24.2015

Taking the chocolate world by storm, Chef Frederic Hawecker, MOF, presented an action-packed PreGel 5-Star Pastry Series® Seminar on June 22-24, 2015, at the PreGel America International Training Center in Charlotte, NC. Showcasing many interesting and effective techniques, Chef Hawecker guided the attendees through the production of a variety of bonbons and confections that resulted in a striking buffet.

Chef Hawecker demonstrated many techniques that ranged from classic enrobed bonbons to fruity licorice rolls and fun rock candy. For the bonbons portion of the class, attendees were able to step into the production process alongside Chef Hawecker. Students made a variety of enrobed and molded bonbons, tablets and unique decorations which resulted in stunning presentations. Lecture included an in-depth look at the balance of chocolate ganache recipes, taking into account fat and water content.

Class attendees also had the opportunity to make a variety of other sweet confections, and jumped at the chance for hands-on practice. Enthused attendees gathered close to see the creation of fun orange rock candy, teddy bear marshmallow faces, and panda bear jelly candies.

Class attendees came from all over the United States and represented a variety of colleges & universities, hotels, casinos, and private pastry shops. The three-day seminar culminated with a bountiful buffet of sweet treats.