PreGel Produces Video Series Promoting New Ingredient Solutions

New Video Series

Company’s new flavors are mouthwatering stars of engaging marketing campaign

PreGel America is excited to broadcast a series of short videos promoting the company’s newest specialty dessert ingredient solutions. New product videos feature Super Sprint instant powder mixes, PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry SelectInstant Bases, and PreGel frozen pop molds, coatings, and frappé mixes with varying artistic styles.

“Video production is an engaging and effective method that commands attention and informs our viewers in an entertaining and informative way,” says Rebeca Webber, marketing manager, PreGel America. “Our videos are time-efficient, informative, and inspire creativity in a matter of seconds,” Webber concludes.

Each visual work in PreGel’s video series is produced entirely in-house. From concept development to execution, videos are hosted on PreGel’s YouTube channel, as well as the company’s Facebook page. Currently available for viewing pleasure are PreGel’s stop-motion video shorts showcasing PreGel Cucumber Yogurt Super Sprint, PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry SelectMacaron Mix, new PreGel Toasted Marshmallow Super Sprint, and PreGel Cotton Candy Super Sprint.

PreGel will continue to produce innovative video shorts as new specialty dessert ingredient solutions are introduced to the company’s assembly of outstanding products.