PreGel Expands on its American Favorites Collection

Issue 31 Newsbites Expanded Flavors

How do you take something old and make it new again? Present it in a way that’s completely unique, interesting, and relatable. With the introduction of its American Favorites Collection, PreGel America successfully introduced consumer-favorite butter pecan as an instant powdered base with flavoring that could be made into ice cream and authentic Italian gelato. The company has now expanded on this mouthwatering collection with the addition of Green Mint.

Specifically chosen as part of the PreGel American Favorites Collection, Green Mint Sprint produces a magnificent pale green hue with an invigorating, minty taste, and has proven to be an excellent base for inclusions such as chocolate chips, chocolate syrups, and chocolate cookie pieces, as well as some fruit additions.

Both green mint and butter pecan are consistently published on top ten lists of favorite American frozen dessert flavors, making them excellent choices for PreGel’s growing line of Sprint instant powdered bases with flavoring, which are specially formulated to make the creation of artisanal frozen desserts a simple, two-step process.

Outside of the American Favorites Collection, PreGel has also introduced Cake Batter Sprint just in time for graduation and wedding season. This new flavor instantly boasts the timeless flavor of moist yellow cake and classic vanilla frosting in one bite, easily making it a consumer favorite that can be customized in a variety of recipes.

Staying on-track with culinary innovation, PreGel continues to add to its assortment of reMix flavor combinations—two Sprint flavors blended to create a completely brand new flavor. The latest of five mixing guides highlights drinks and mocktails. Other reMix recipe themes include Flavor reMix Classics, Flavor reMix Fall Favorites, Flavor reMix Winter Favorites, and Flavor reMix Cakes and Pies.