PreGel Brings Strong Presence At 2015 NRA With Debut Of Show-Stopping Ingredient Solutions


PreGel America successfully revealed its latest collection of specialty dessert ingredient solutions at booth #7113 during the 2015 National Restaurant Association Show.

The show-stopping dessert ingredients unveiled included:

Super Sprints (Instant Mixes for Frozen Desserts)

Cucumber Yogurt Super Sprint – 36421

Arabeschi® (Sauces and Toppings)

Tiramisù Arabeschi® – 35922

Ginger Arabeschi® – 94302

Coriandolina® Coating – Tropical – 36522

Traditional Pastes (Flavoring)

Sweet Almond Traditional Paste – 36122

Bases for Frozen Desserts, Pastries, and Drinks

Italian Hot Chocolate Mix – 313002

PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry SelectMarcaron Mix – 33124

Always Fresco

Always Fresco Base – 301128

Always Fresco Fruit Base – 302142

Also featured were PreGel’s innovative line of iSi® multifunctional whippers, foam canisters, and other essential supplies for creating whipped creams, foams, mousses, espumas, micro-cakes, and more. In addition, Pavoni® Frozen Pop supplies were showcased, offering a diverse collection of reusable molds also suitable for baking up to 500°F/260°C.

PreGel’s specialty dessert ingredients are shelf-stable, making them optimal for safe, long-term, multifunctional use. All new products are available for sampling. For sample requests or to receive more information on PreGel’s many ingredient solutions, visit