Be There at the Fair!

Creating A Branded Festival Experience

Eventbrite, a global ticketing and events marketplace, saw a 47% increase in Food and Beverage events from 2013-2014. This dramatic growth in regional festivals of this kind proves that consumers desire (and will gladly pay for) intangible and memorable experiences tied to what they eat and drink.

As a possible vendor at these kinds of events, consider that there is more to being there than making sales. Take full advantage of these opportunities, and make sure you’re not just providing event guests with amazing product but also offering them an unforgettable branded experience with your company.

Here are some ideas:

Don’t Forget the Usual:

What is your staff wearing? Do your cups and spoons showcase your logo and colors? What about your stand, booth, or table? Your brand shouldn’t be screaming at festivalgoers, but it should definitely leave an IMPRESSION on them.

Be Social:

Don’t just tell your social media followers that you’ll be attending an event, make a grand announcement. Create a countdown to the event; post pictures of the menu to heighten their ANTICIPATION. During the event, run a social media contest that attendees can participate in, thus increasing your base of followers and remaining ENGAGED with them post festival.

It’s Exclusive:

Create an opportunity for festival attendees to BRAG about their experience with you by inventing a “once in a lifetime” menu experience. Or order special branded giveaways specifically for the first 100 customers. Think: glow-in-the-dark spoons, color changing cups, or tie-dye serveware.