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Issue 30: P Magazine

  • In This Issue…
  • The Rise of Short-Term LTO’s
  • Favorties with a Twist
  • Multiple Ways to Make Mousse

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Issue 29: P Magazine

  • In This Issue…
  • 50 Years Together
  • Portable Desserts
  • Phenomal Women of Pastry

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Issue 28: P Magazine

  • In This Issue…
  • Gelato World Tour
  • What Your Flavor Says About You
  • Mexican Paletas: The Rise of a Tropical Treat

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Issue 27: P Magazine

  • In This Issue…
  • The Intrinsic Evolution of Desserts
  • Liquid Nitrogen: The Frozen Future
  • Trend Report: What’s Next in Desserts

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Issue 26: P Magazine

  • In This Issue…
  • Preparing the Perfect Pop
  • The Rise and Success of Specialty Bakeries
  • Chocolate Never Goes Out of Style

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Issue 25: P Magazine

  • In This Issue…
  • The Step-by-Step Creation of P Magazine
  • The State of the Frozen Yogurt Industry
  • Top Ten: The Ugly and Delicious Truth

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Issue 24: Winter 2014 – Final Issue

  • In This Issue…
  • The Story of Views from the Tree
  • Top Ten: Concepts & Products We’ve Said Goodbye to at PreGel, for Better or for Worse
  • Ever Thought About Going Wholesale? The Reasons Why It’s Worth It.

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Issue 23: Fall 2014

  • In This Issue…
  • Top Ten: Hey Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Hot Beverages
  • From Shameful to Shameless … The New Face of Dining Alone
  • Basics 101: Defining Nuts Can Drive You Nuts

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Issue 22: Summer 2014

  • In This Issue…
  • Top Ten: Ways to Burn Off a Scoop of Ice Cream
  • Food Trucks: Branding Above the Noise
  • Workplace Etiquette & Smartphones: The End or Means to Business

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Issue 21: Spring 2014

  • In This Issue…
  • Frozen Novelties: Simple Additions to Increase Profits
  • QSR’s Entering Retail Markets
  • Convenience Goes Gourmet

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Issue 20: Winter 2013

  • In This Issue…
  • Computers vs. People: Touch Screen Ordering
  • The Hybrid Hype: What Is It All About?
  • International Delight Cafe – A Jewel of the Isle

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Issue 19: Fall 2013

  • In This Issue…
  • Sweet Trends in Technology
  • Turning Your Ideas into Novelties
  • The Holiday Rush and How to Beat It

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Issue 18: Summer 2013

  • In This Issue…
  • The Hidden Side of Secret Menus
  • Florals: Edible Flowers, Edible Tradition
  • A Not-So-New But Beloved Novelty: The Ice Cream Sandwich

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Issue 17: Spring 2013

Issue 17

  • In This Issue…
  • Top Ten Food Holidays Around the World
  • Global Eating Habits
  • Pairing World Cuisine with Desserts

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Issue 16: Winter 2012

Issue 16

  • In This Issue…
  • “Boutiquing” Your Business
  • A Breakfast Buffet Sure to Make Anyone an Early Riser
  • Beating the Winter Blues with Employee Motivation

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Issue 15: Fall 2012

Issue 15

  • In This Issue…
  • The Uncontainable Goodness of Pistachios
  • Up and Coming Dessert Trends
  • The Dish on Vegan

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Issue 14: Summer 2012

  • In This Issue…
  • It’s All in the Presentation
  • The Sweeter Side of Vegetables
  • Part 2: PreGel AMERICA: Your Passion. Our Education.

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Issue 13: Spring 2012

Issue 13 cover

  • In This Issue…
  • Menu of Options: How to Represent What You Present
  • PreGel AMERICA’s 5-Star Pastry Ambassador Program
  • Top Ten: Celebrating 10 Years of PreGel AMERICA

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Issue 12: Winter 2011

Issue 12 cover

  • In This Issue…
  • Customer Q&A: America’s Axis of Flavor
  • Natural Immune System Boosters
  • Turn the Off Season On!

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Issue 11: Summer/Fall 2011

Issue 11 cover

  • In This Issue…
  • Customer Q&A: The East Has Eats!
  • The Sundae Gets a Makeover
  • Mooooove Over Cow’s Milk: Alternatives Are Here to Stay

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Issue 10: Spring 2011

Issue 10 cover

  • In This Issue…
  • The World of Social Couponing
  • The Golden Rule – Simply Keep it Fresh
  • A Quick Guide to Inventory Management
  • America Falls in Love with Pies All Over Again

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Issue 9: Winter 2011

Issue 9 cover

  • The Vanilla Issue
  • What Type of Vanilla Is Right For You?
  • The Origins of Vanilla
  • Vanilla, The Muse of Today’s Top Culinary Trends

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Issue 8: Fall 2010

Issue 8 cover

  • The Chocolate Issue
  • Chocolate 101
  • Chocolate Architecture
  • Chocolate Gelato Recipes

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Issue 7: Summer 2010

Issue 7 cover

  • The Herbal Infusions Issue
  • Top Ten Culinary Herbs and Recipes
  • Interesting and Innovative Flavor Development
  • Herb-Infused Gelato Recipes

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Issue 6: Spring 2010

Issue 6 cover

  • In This Issue…
  • What Keeps the Business Wheels Turning at Successful Gelaterias?
  • Add That Extra Punch to Your Spring Cocktails
  • How to Seize Business All Hours of the Day and Increase Sales

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Issue 5: Winter 2010

Issue 5 cover

  • In This Issue…
  • Would You Like A Side of Technology with Your Gelato?
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Spruce Up Hot Chocolate Sales with Seasonal Marshmallows

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Issue 4: Summer/Fall 2009

Issue 4 cover

  • In This Issue…
  • Growing Your Business
  • Understanding the World of Social Media
  • 5-Star Chef Series Launches

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Issue 3: Spring 2009

Issue 3 cover

  • In This Issue…
  • Exploring a New Frontier in Desserts
  • New Department – Back To Our Roots
  • Slow Down and Eat Smart
  • Turning Your Passion into a Reality  Part 3 – Product Line Development

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Issue 2: Winter 2009

Issue 2 cover

  • In This Issue…
  • For the Food Industry, Going Green Has Never Been This Easy
  • Frozen Yogurt – A Closer Look at the Hot New Trend
  • Slow Season? 10 Ideas to Increase Revenues

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Issue 1: Fall 2008

Issue 1 cover

  • In This Issue…
  • Turning Your Passion into a Reality
  • PreGel’s Greatest Successes
  • PreGel America Builds New Headquarters
  • Winning the War Between Healthy and Tasty

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